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I don't know who comes up with these unusual "holidays", but I LIKE 'em! ;) In celebration of Chocolate Day, I am sharing an interesting recipe I found for something called ciobar which is Italian hot chocolate. My Italian e-pal, Kiara, introduced me to ciobar by sending me a packaged mix and we just loved it. However, I couldn't keep asking her to keep me in ciobar :D so I decided to see if I could find a homemade recipe for it and I did! It is not like traditional hot chocolate, it is more like halfway between hot chocolate and pudding. Be careful not to overcook this. Once it starts becoming thick, you have to remove it from the heat. So get out yer spoons and Njoy! :) :)
July 7, 2015
Happy Chocolate Day!
1 tbs. unsweetened cocoa powder, (dark, if desired)
2 tbs. sugar
1 tbs. tapioca starch (or flour)
           1 cup milk              
Mix dry ingredients in sauce pan. Stir in milk a little at a time with wire whisk until smooth. Continue stirring until sauce thickens. Remove immediately. Makes 2 servings.
Summer's been pretty decent here this past week! The garden's a'bloomin', the strawberries were awesome, and we've pretty much dried out from all the storms we had in previous weeks. Yesterday, it got to the upper 80s so we had to do something cool and decided on a trip to the water park. Woot! We went to Water Safari in Old Forge and had a fabulous time. Sun was out, water was comfy and the day went off without a hitch. We even treated ourselves to our favorite garlic pizza from Capri in Boonville which is an hour from where we live so we don't get to go there very often!
Happy summer, everyone!
Anddd....in honor of Pick Blueberries Day, I will be making a blueberry pie! Woot! Axshully, I have the blueberries already but not the crust. I will make that later today and make the pie tomorrow. So the celebration will have to wait! ;)
July 14, 2015
Happy Pick Blueberries Day!
We had a stupendous day yesterday. We realized that because of the training the Mr. went through last year, we were unable to take the boat out even once all summer. What a travesty! That is the first time since since we bought the boat in 1987 that happened! :O

It's not too difficult for me to be a dork! So many pictures to choose from, really. :) But I will only force you to look at one of them! ;) This picture was taken on our trip to California on a boat that took us from the mainland to one of the Channel Islands named Santa Cruz. It was May, believe it or not, but the day we set out it was so chilly and damp, thus the sweatshirt! Anyway, the boat is higher in the front so if you stand there, you could do what I am doing in the picture and not fall over! (My imitation of Bob in "What About Bob?")
July 15, 2015
Happy Be A Dork Day!
Following that are some pictures of my colossal clematis this year. (I originally called it "nuclear" but I think "colossal" sounded much better!)  I am clueless as to why it took off so much more than the other one!
And lastly, some comics for your enjoyment!
This was taken from our bedroom window to show it from the side. Crazy stuff!Ah, this is me! :)

What's going on in Snoopynutland these days? Well, it has been a nice summer so far. We've had some pretty typical weather days with a wretched hot day thrown in for good (bad?) measure. One of those days happened to be this past Sunday when we went to the Glenora Jazz Greats show at Glenora Wine Cellars in Dundee, NY featuring Cindy Bradley and her band and Vincent Ingala with Jonathan Fritzen. It was in the 90s and hazy and the forecasters said with the humidity it would feel over 100! And it sure did! Egads. But with that knowledge, we went prepared. We had our beach umbrella plus two small umbrellas that hooked to our seats; plenty of water; little hand fans; wide brimmed hats and goop for when the show started and we had to take our umbrellas down! Lol.
July 22, 2015
Happy Penuche Fudge Day!
The musicians all put on a fantastic show but I don't think we will ever go to a jazz show at a winery again. Bad enough the kiddies get drunk and act like fools but when people in their 50s-70s do it, it's just embarrassing! I did get a video and put it on YouTube. I guess they think only kids do embarrassing things that end up on YouTube! ;)
Us before the show tryin' to stay cool!The crowd before the show. Rather, the crowd's seats before the show. Lol!The bandstand with Cayuga Lake in the background.Cindy before the show with a photographer.Cindy playing her "flumpet". A combination flugelhorn and trumpet. Cindy playing trumpet. Cindy and her husband, Dan Cipriano, (the sax player.)Vincent Ingala and Jonathan Fritzen.
A little about Cindy Bradley - she grew up here in upstate NY in a town near Buffalo and has been a grade school music teacher for 10 years. She got her bachelor's degree in music education and jazz studies here at Ithaca College and master’s degree in jazz performance from the New England Conservatory in Boston. Very impressive stuff! You go, girl!
Happy Anniversary to us, we live on a bus! Wait, what? :) Yes, it has been 33 years! Oh my Snoopiness! Mr. Snoopynut deserves a reward for that! :D
August 21, 2015
Happy 33rd!
Official First Blueberry Pie O' the Season!Bookends! Sailor and Billy. See links to their personal pages on The Kids page!In the next three pictures, Joey Bear is exhibiting his extreme piousness with his Ash Wednesday ashes on his forehead!(That's Sailor in the back.)No, really. Don't tell her. She will FREAK OUT.

Nothing too exceptionally new here. Not that we want to tell you about....yet. ;) We did get a nice camping trip in last week. It rained the first day but we had a pretty splendid rest of the time. We took a real nice long bike ride around the Northville area and by the river and just loved it. It's a bit hilly on the back roads so my legs were killin' me at bedtime but I survived!
This is the back of the check-in booth looking toward the road.Looking in toward the campground. That's the Sacanadaga River to the left.New site this year - #122! Pretty nice! Closer to the check-in booth where we can now check our email. Woot!What maneuvering the Mr. did to get the camper in this one. He IS The Man!Site along the river, natch. ;)This is Lake Pleasant in Speculator, NY. Byooootiful, don't you think? :)
July 26, 2015
Happy Misk-a-laneous Photos Day!
That's it, just some miscellaneous photos! Hope ya like 'em! :)

So since Mr. Snoopynut had to work on the day of our anniversary, the celebrating was delayed until yesterday and a truly grand day it turned out to be! The weather was perfect with a high in the upper 70s, breezy and sunny. We started out by donating blood at the bloodmobile which was at a campground on the lake. The people at the bloodmobile were exceptional and made the experience quite enjoyable. 'Course, everyone knows that the real reason we went was for the cookies! ;) I chose the Keebler Rainbow cookies in honor of my friend and fellow Snoopy nut, Mike! And since I made such a big deal over it, they even gave us extras on the way out. Woot! Free cookies!!
August 23, 2015
Grand Anniversary Celebration Day Out!
After that we had planned on heading to the newer Stefano's, a pizzeria in our town that opened another restaurant in the next town over. We were told it was a really nice one, a little more fancy than ours. However, it was closed until 2pm so we decided to check out the little cafe across the street which we had heard about from ANOTHER fellow Snoopy nut, Teresa. She told us they served vegetarian food but when we went there after she said that, (a few months ago), we only saw the tea and coffee menu and thought Teresa must have been mistaken. Turns out she wasn't and we had lunch there and it was fabulous! We had a nice chat with the owner, Melanie who is ALSO a Snoopy nut!! Oh my Snoopiness! Who knew there were so many of us around? In our conversation, somehow we got talking about our license plate (SNUPYNUT) and Melanie actually recognized it from seeing it on the highway! Wow! And we even remember the encounter, (even though we do tend to get a lot of honks or waves due to our Pittsburgh Penguins decals as well as the Snoopy decals!)
Black Creek Cafe and Gifts
A Letter from Santa, by Santa's Helpers

Anyway, Melanie, thanks for the great lunch. You have been officially added to the Santa's helper's Facebook page so we will be checking in daily to see what's on the menu! To anyone in the area reading this, stop in! We think you will be pleasantly surprised!
September 7, 2015
Happy Labor Day to all those who labor! ;)
Also Happy Postal Workers Day!
It has been a very nice summer, albeit a little hot at times. We spent a nice day down in Ithaca recently and have some pictures to share, below...
These first five are of Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY.This is a trail along a waterfall in the middle of Ithaca among the college dorms and classroom buildings. The moon this morning!That's Bradley, the little green dot. He has a light on his collar so we can see him. :)

In other Snoopynut news....we will be taking a trip to Maine again. It's been a few years since the last time we were there but this time we are looking at it with new eyes -- as possible future  residents! Woot! Maybe get a little whale watching while we're at it, too. :D