"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Est. 1999
We are Lisa & Herb, aka the Snoopynuts, and this is our home in cyberspace.
In real life, we live in the great state of New York. 
We're nuts about Snoopyanimalshockey and we love the great outdoors!
We hope our Web site entertains you, makes you smile and takes you away
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Happy Anniversary to us, we live on a bus! Wait, what? :) Yes, it has been 33 years! Oh my Snoopiness! Mr. Snoopynut deserves a reward for that! :D
August 21, 2015
Happy 33rd!
Nothing too exceptionally new here. Not that we want to tell you about....yet. ;) We did get a nice camping trip in last week. It rained the first day but we had a pretty splendid rest of the time. We took a real nice long bike ride around the Northville area and by the river and just loved it. It's a bit hilly on the back roads so my legs were killin' me at bedtime but I survived! 
This is the back of the check-in booth looking toward the road.
Looking in toward the campground. That's the Sacanadaga River to the left.
New site this year - #122! Pretty nice! Closer to the check-in booth where we can now check our email. Woot!
What maneuvering the Mr. did to get the camper in this one. He IS The Man!
Site along the river, natch. ;)
This is Lake Pleasant in Speculator, NY. Byooootiful, don't you think? :)
So since Mr. Snoopynut had to work on the day of our anniversary, the celebrating was delayed until yesterday and a truly grand day it turned out to be! The weather was perfect with a high in the upper 70s, breezy and sunny. We started out by donating blood at the bloodmobile which was at a campground on the lake. The people at the bloodmobile were exceptional and made the experience quite enjoyable. 'Course, everyone knows that the real reason we went was for the cookies! ;) I chose the Keebler Rainbow cookies in honor of my friend and fellow Snoopy nut, Mike! And since I made such a big deal over it, they even gave us extras on the way out. Woot! Free cookies!! 
August 23, 2015
Grand Anniversary Celebration Day Out!
After that we had planned on heading to the newer Stefano's, a pizzeria in our town that opened another restaurant in the next town over. We were told it was a really nice one, a little more fancy than ours. However, it was closed until 2pm so we decided to check out the little cafe across the street which we had heard about from ANOTHER fellow Snoopy nut, Teresa. She told us they served vegetarian food but when we went there after she said that, (a few months ago), we only saw the tea and coffee menu and thought Teresa must have been mistaken. Turns out she wasn't and we had lunch there and it was fabulous! We had a nice chat with the owner, Melanie who is ALSO a Snoopy nut!! Oh my Snoopiness! Who knew there were so many of us around? In our conversation, somehow we got talking about our license plate (SNUPYNUT) and Melanie actually recognized it from seeing it on the highway! Wow! And we even remember the encounter, (even though we do tend to get a lot of honks or waves due to our Pittsburgh Penguins decals as well as the Snoopy decals!)
Black Creek Cafe and Gifts
A Letter from Santa, by Santa's Helpers

Anyway, Melanie, thanks for the great lunch. You have been officially added to the Santa's helper's Facebook page so we will be checking in daily to see what's on the menu! To anyone in the area reading this, stop in! We think you will be pleasantly surprised!
September 7, 2015
Happy Labor Day to all those who labor! ;)
Also Happy Postal Workers Day!
It has been a very nice summer, albeit a little hot at times. We spent a nice day down in Ithaca recently and have some pictures to share, below...
These first five are of Cayuga Lake in Ithaca, NY.
This is a trail along a waterfall in the middle of Ithaca among the college dorms and classroom buildings.
The moon this morning!
That's Bradley, the little green dot. He has a light on his collar so we can see him. :)

In other Snoopynut news....we will be taking a trip to Maine again. It's been a few years since the last time we were there but this time we are looking at it with new eyes -- as possible future  residents! Woot! Maybe get a little whale watching while we're at it, too. :D