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June 21, 2014
Since we haven't updated in a couple of weeks, we have a backlog of good comics to share so we'll be putting them in a photo gallery format this time. Don't forget to look under the picture in case there is an explanation of why it was added. :)
I can hear you saying, "Why the long absence, Snoopynuts?" Well, it IS summer and along with that comes vacation, so....we were on vacation! It was actually what is now known as a "staycation" since our plans were throttled by Herb's work, but we still managed to have a good time other than the two nightmarish days we spent in Connecticut. Ugh. But we're home now and enjoying our gardens and a new purchase, a 21.5' Perception Caretta tandem kayak. We took it out for the first time a couple of days ago and it is AWESOME. We hope to be taking it out more in the Adirondacks in the future and really cover some ground, er, water...since we can really get going in it, speedwise. :)
The annuals are coming along nicely, especially the impatiens since I discovered I was feeding them with a plant food too high in nitrogen. Doh!Some marigolds in a planter.The peonies in full bloom.The pondThe whole garden from the driveway.And our first full batch of strawberries! Yum!!Our new 21.5' Perception Caretta tandem kayakThe kayak on top of my HighlanderAnd a random cute puppy picture that I came across when looking for a picture of the kayak! Smoochie!
"Robin tickling"? Hehe. I disagree with this idea, however. I believe it's a lot better to do something you enjoy every day! ;)I like the "nap"! Cute!Too funny! Poor Quentin!"Idiota!" Haha!Quentin is so chill. Hehe.Every dog owner knows all about this! And here in the northeast, you can add "Chipmunk!" to the list!If this one doesn't make much sense to you, Google search Sherman's Lagoon and read the week or so worth of comics before it! Great strip!The Dude Abides!
June 25, 2014
I can't believe it's the 25th of June already. Where does the time go?
We have had some decent summer weather so far, even though it's technically not even summer yet. Usually we can't say things like that here, at least when it comes to spring or winter. Our springs come later (the old "groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter" means nothing here because we ALWAYS have six more weeks of winter!) and our winters come sooner, usually early December, sometimes late November! Got some good rain yesterday and today which, as Raymond says, "is good for the GAH-den!" The impatiens seem happy at last!
We had a very nice day Monday when we took the kayak out for the first Fun Run. We did take it out once last week, though, for a test run at the reservoir. It was a nice day and a little windy but it was amazingly easy to paddle even with the wind. Monday we took 'er out on Lake Ontario and it was an unusually calm day -- hazy, hot and humid -- and the lake was like glass. We managed to get all our gear in the kayak but didn't bring the beach chairs, although we discovered when we got there that they would have fit. We won't forget to bring 'em next time! We had our wet bag with towels, emergency kit, sunscreen, and a few odds and ends; my 35mm camera, (not a small one); the cooler; and a beach umbrella! Lots 'o storage!!

June 27, 2014
Happy Sunglasses Day!
  (Hey, I'm not makin' this stuff up! ;) )
I was looking for some pictures for my good friend, Mike, and thought I would share them with you, too, since I went through the effort to find them and resize them and all that. Lol.
If you have been following Snoopynut.com for awhile, some of these will likely be a repeat for you. Mike is a huge winter and snow fan so there are those pics. And cookies, too! These are my World Famous Chocolate Truffle Cookies. (What? :) ) And of course, the famous Portal in Childwold! Everyone knows about that, right? :) And a coupla new comics... Oh, and the annuals after 2 days of rain. :)
Our house at Christmastime.A blooming lily on the pondOur pond caretaker, Gnome Pitlik.

July 1, 2014
Happy Canada D'eh to our friends up north!
It has been one heckuva a summer so far. We're looking to hit 92 degrees today. Ugh. Where is that spectacular NY summer weather we've grown so fond of, eh? At least we're keeping the After Bite people in business. ;)
It has been good for the garden, though -- the goldfinger is blooming like crazy, unlike previous years. No signs of any Japanese beetles so they must not like the heat. A tip for anyone who has problems with Japanese beetles -- do not get a Japanese beetle trap, get one for your neighbors! They may trap them but at the same time they are attracting them to your yard!
We are also getting a bumper crop of tomatoes and bell peppers! Woot!

Goldfinger bushMarigolds and begoniasOur very own Gnome Pitlik, taking care of the Childwold Portal. ;)I hear ya, sista!
July 4, 2014
Happy Independence Day, America!

July 8, 2014
Happy Chocolate Day!!
Oh, yessss! According to my day-by-day Peanuts calendar, today is Chocolate Day! So I thought about that for minute, (time is never wasted that is occupied thinking about chocolate -- remember that) I tried to think what my favorite chocolate is.
And now a bit of Very Useful Information that I want to share with you. I discovered that I have been tying my shoelaces wrong for close to 50 years! Oh my GOODNESS. And I'd be willing to bet you have, too. How do I know? Have you ever had your shoelaces come undone while walking your dog, jogging, riding your bike, or even just walking around the mall? Then you are tying it wrong. That is how I know. :) I don't know why this works, I just know that it does. Here is how you do it: Tie your lace like you usually do, only when you get to the bow-making part, instead of slinging the lace away from you around the tie, sling it under and then back toward you. This will make the laces lie across your shoe left to right rather than perpendicular. Try it. I promise you will thank me for this Amazing Bit of Very Useful Information!
You are welcome. :D 
And although I have tried many, many different types of chocolate from around the world, I think my absolute favorite has to be a fresh Cadbury Flake bar. If you have never had one, click HERE (link to Amazon) and order some right now!! :D

Yes, that is a legitimate holiday! So today's your day to be a dork and be totally legitimate! Do it up right, you have to go back under cover tomorrow. ;)
July 15, 2014
Happy Be A Dork Day!
Today I've made a video that shows the progression of the garden this year. I think it came out quite nicely. It is only a little over a minute long so it shouldn't take too long to download. If it does, my apologies. :)
I am also attaching a couple of comics from the last few days. Plus, I want to ask your opinion. If you have one, just drop me a line by clicking on Snoopy on the mailibox to the right. Our local humane society is having an all dog artwork auction and I am thinking of submitting a pencil drawing I did of Maggie the year before she passed away. If I blew this up and framed it, do you think it is bidworthy? (It's the last picture below.)
UPDATE: It has come to our attention that the video is a bit too slow downloading so we are instead going to post just the photos of the garden. Maybe this way it will be easier to see the changes, too. :)
This and the next three pictures are of marigolds (the yellow ones) and begonias, as they have grown.This and the next five pictures are the impatiens as they have grown.If you look closely, there is an arrow pointing to a frog. He looks like he is begging us to leave him alone or he will jump! :)This is our house today!