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August 21, 2014
Happy Anniversary to the Snoopynuts!
Yes, it is the Snoopynuts' 32nd this year! To say time flies would be an understatement! We all know the feeling, am I right? :) This is also our 7th anniversary of becoming vegetarian/vegan. Thank you, Patrick! Patrick is the guy who helped us make the choice to finally do something we had talked about for years. And thank YOU, sweetie, for saying "We should just do it!" that day in 2007! (Which was also our 25th anniversary, in case you weren't paying attention!)
As a special gift to you for our anniversary, I thought I would share three of our favorite vegetarian recipes that are very simple to make and oh, so tasty!
The first is something I've even seen on a regular menu at restaurants. This soup is made with Rotel Tomatoes with Zesty Green Chiles but be sure not to get the mild ones as the regular ones give it a nice zip! Serve with apple sauce to cool you down, (ok, so it's not THAT hot), and a roll and you have an unbelievably filling yet low calorie (and super nutritious) meal! And did I mention tasty? Your taste buds will thank you! (You can thank me later. ;) )
By the way, Mirapoix is just a mixture of chopped onions, celery and carrots. They sell it premade but it is cheaper and very easy to make yourself.
What? That's the way it's spelled, isn't it? ;) We actually started making our burritos at home after having the ones at Chipotle since it's quite a trek for us to go to Chipotle! These come out fantastic and if you make a large batch of rice and freeze it in 1 cup containers, it's a quick and easy meal. And again, very nutritious! This makes four good sized breets!
CHICKPEA RAGOUT (Pronounced rag-OO)
This recipe is if you are ready to be adventurous and try something new! It is a dish from Morocco and is not only really filling but nutritious AND very tasty. This is not a spicy dish like the black bean soup but you will love the combination of flavors in it and I guarantee it will become one of your favorite meals. Oh, and it doesn't take very long to make! I get my couscous at the grocery store in the rice aisle. For those who have never had it, it is a small grain like rice only smaller and it is really good. Makes four very filling meals.
These recipes should be printable from the photos. If not, drop me a line and I will email them to you! :)
August 25, 2014
Happy Banana Split Day!
I've got another great recipe for you today! Why all the recipes lately? Well, the outage has officially begun and I thought what better way to pass the time than trying out some new recipes? Today's recipe will be home made graham crackers! Why would anyone make home made graham crackers when you can get them at the store, you ask? Well, mainly because you know all the ingredients in these, no preservatives or strange chemical names of any kind. Not to mention it is a cruelty-free recipe! Yup, they are vegan and you won't believe how awesome tasting they are! Don't be afraid of the length of the instructions, they are really very easy to make!
         1 ½ cups whole wheat flour                           ¼ cup oil
         1/3 cup sugar                                                   2 tbs. molasses
          ½ tsp. baking soda                                         1 tsp. vanilla extract
          ½ teaspoon cinnamon                                   ¼ cup milk (to make them strictly vegan
          Scant ½ tsp. salt                                                               you can use soy or almond milk)
1. Preheat oven to 350F. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper.
2. In large bowl mix flour, sugar, baking soda, cinnamon, and salt. Make a well in the middle
   and pour in oil, molasses and vanilla. Give the liquid a quick whisk with a fork and continue
   mixing until well combined and crumbly.
3. Drizzle in milk and combine. Knead the dough a few times with your hands until it holds
   together; add an extra tbs. of milk if needed. You should be able to form a pliable ball of
4. Sprinkle flour onto pastry cloth; place the dough on the cloth and shape into a rectangle.
   Flatten it a bit with your palms and sprinkle with flour. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough
    into a rectangle that is about
    10" x 14". The dough should be about 1/8" inch thick. The edges will probably look
     crumbly, which is ok.
5. Cut off the edges so you have an even 12" x 8" rectangle. Cut the dough into 8 crackers
   using a sharp paring knife. Cut in quarters and then widthwise on either side of center
   width cut.
6. Use a very thin flexible spatula to transfer crackers to baking sheet. It helps if you spray the
    spatula with cooking spray.
7. Gather up the scraps and form into a ball, roll it into 4" x 8" rectangle or whatever size you
   can manage; cut the edges and make more crackers.
8. Score each cookie with a fork. You don't need to cut all the way through.
9. Bake 12-14 minutes. Less time if you are using them for ice cream sandwiches. More for a
   crispy graham. Cool completely on baking sheet.

(Click on images for larger view.)
August 26, 2014
Happy National Dog Day!
(Click on Bradley's picture to see him in his party hat!)
Today's O&Q tickled my funny bone...
Today is also Byrne Dairy's Travelin' Tuesday -- FREE coffee! *WOOT!*

When people find out we're vegetarians, we hear things like, "Oh, I could never give up meat," or "What do you eat?" We used to think and say the same things for many years when we were considering the switch. However, what we have learned is that there are SO many other foods out there and recipes that we didn't know about! Our menu has expanded exponentially, and is not only healthier but is so much more flavorful and what variety! The options are endless and I am always making new discoveries! I like to read health news and articles on recipes for healthy meals and snacks and recently came across one that had vegan brownies. Yum! I love brownies! The recipe contained ingredients that I always have on hand except one -- dates. So I went out and got a bag of pitted dates to add to the recipe which included a ripe banana, cocoa, raw cashews, oats, and apple sauce. Now, I like all of these ingredients, (the cashews were mixed with the cocoa and oats to make a flour), but the brownie came out so-so. I wouldn't have called it a brownie, more like a health bar or something, as it was not as moist as a regular brownie and wasn't as chocolatey. The good thing that came out of it, though, was the discovery of dates! We'd eaten things with dates in them but I don't think I have ever eaten a date straight up. But now I think they will be my go-to sweet treat! Woo-ee, they are yummy. They have the quivalent of 1 tsp. of sugar per date which could account for part of the reason why I love them. :)
August 31, 2014
Happy Eat Outside Day!

And now for your comic of the day. I thought this was a riot....should have come out on National Dog Day, though!
Omagoonus...today's post started out so short and sweet and has just ballooned! So many bits o' tid to share! :)
September 5, 2014
Happy Cheese Pizza Day!
(Snoopynut's favorite!)
Firstly ;) we are going to try a new format with today's post, à la Yahoo's Puck Daddy. More text, less to download that you don't want to, although I know everyone who views snoopynut.com looks at all our stuff, right? :)
Be sure and tell us what you think of the new format. It's always good to receive feedback, we like to know what you think!

  "Never fight an inanimate object."
  ~ P. J. O'Rourke
  Picturing myself in days past, banging on the toaster or vacuum
  cleaner when they stop working! Hehe. It also reminds me of one of my
  favorite scenes from A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving! Snoopy & the Chair
September 7, 2014
Happy National Hummingbird Day!
(Odd time to have a hummingbird day...must be a southern creation since all our hummers are gone by now, sadly.)

September 9, 2014
Happy Teddy Bear Day!
(Not to mention Traveling Tuesdays at Byrne Dairy -- free coffee! Woot!)
         Comic 1, comic 2

September 13, 2014
Happy Peanut Day!