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December 14, 2014
As always, it's been a busy time of year in the Snoopynut household! We just finished up our Santa letters yesterday to be mailed this week. Got the Christmas cards all ready to go and also had a successful showing at a craft fair in our town! This was the first Santa's Toy Workshop and Craft Fair during our town's annual Christmas festivities held the first week of the month and the fair was inside the new theater in town. This theater has been there as long as we've lived here which is 25 years, but has never been a theater. It was always just a rundown rickety old building occupied with one odd business or another. It was bought and renovated recently and now they have movies, shows and conventions there. So here are some pictures of the theater before and after and then us at the craft fair!
December 15, 2014
We went to the Festival of Trees at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse yesterday and took a few pics for you to enjoy vicariously! ;) Happy Holidays, everyone!
December 19, 2014
Happy Look for an Evergreen Day!
So it looks like we're on the downhill side of the holidays here at Snoopynut.com! Family and friends Christmas pressies have been wrapped and mailed; the house has been decorated; Christmas cards done; Santa letters made; and our North Pole trip was made which, of course includes mailing the Christmas cards and Santa letters! All that's left now is the fun stuff -- shopping for each other and wrapping those pressies; Lights on the Lake, (one of our favorite Christmas traditions); maybe a trip to Canada; and one thing the Snoopynut has really looked forward to is putting together a neat puzzle we found at a thrift store called 100 Reindeer and a Santa. Very cute!
Our trip to Lake Placid/Wilmington/North Pole was fantastic, as always. What a great area. If you ever get the chance to visit, especially in winter, we highly recommend it! And who knows, we may live there some day. Hey, it could happen. :) In the meantime, you can enjoy it vicariously through us! ;)
We decided to rent a vacation home this year. Wait 'til you see the awesome mountain view!This was taken from the woods behind the house.The aforementioned mountain view!This is a creek off the road leading from Lake Placid to Santa's Workshop.Our trusty Christmas hamster guiding the way and just generally being merry!Mr. SnoopynutThe Snoopynut!The Snoopynut, aka one of Santa's helpers, mailing the Santa letters and joking with the postmaster of Santa's Workshop, herself a jolly Santa's helper!

December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas!
Welcome 2015!

We apologize for the lack of updates the last few weeks. Kristofur has been very ill and we don't know what the future holds at this point. Please send good thoughts and hopes that he gets better soon!
January 11, 2015
Kristofur kitty
Kristofur crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. Our vet thinks he had intestinal cancer. We tried everything we could to bring him back from the brink including hand feeding him but nothing really helped. Cats seem to have the ability to hide their illness until the very last possible moment and Kristofur was no exception. He will be sorely missed. :'(
January 14, 2015
Kristofur kitty

April 10, 2001 - January 12, 2015
As Bing Crosby said, it's been a cold, cold winter! I'm sure I don't need to tell you. From what we have seen on The Weather Channel, it's been an insane winter everywhere. We have gotten our normal amount of snow, which is to say Snowmageddon 2014-2015. But the cold, oh, the cold! And somehow with this record breaking cold, we have finally did something we've been planning for a few years now. (Takes us a long time to decide on things. Lol.) We made our porch a four season room with the installation of a gas stove powered by a remote control. What a great way to enjoy winter from the comfort and warmth of the inside. The great thing is, just like the gas fireplace, if we lose power it works on a pilot light so you will always have the heat. Woot! Here are some pictures since we installed it. Needless to say, the cats love it...and the birds and the squirrels...
February 27, 2015
Come onnn, spring!
Bradley in the doorway into the porch.Bradley and Billy communin'.Bradley and the catsBradley took this picture of the cats. ;)Close up of Billy snoozin' in my lap.Marcie looking as beautiful as ever!Patty and a squirrel. The cats all intently watching the squirrel.The porch lit.From this angle you can see where we sit when we are out there.During a snowstorm.