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May 17, 2015
Spring has sprung!
Holey moley, it has been 6 weeks since we updated. :| For shame! :P Spring is a busy time here, though. We opened up the carport; got some topsoil, flowers and mulch for the annual garden; fed the perennials and did a basic cleanup of the front garden. I mowed for the first time a few days ago! It seems like spring just popped up overnight after a few days in the upper 80s! The hummers are back in full force now, albeit a little late. We also managed to get a little trip in to Canada and had a beautiful day at Wellesley Island State Park up in the 1000 Islands.
Panoramic of the park at Wellesley.Same park only with nine Herbs!Boldt Castle in Alex BayCloseup of Boldt CastleOsprey, a raptor that is prevalent in this area.Us at Wellesley island State Park on a hike at Minna Anthony Nature Center.The 1000 Islands BridgeColorful gift shop in Gananoque, Ontario,Some Gerber daisies around the pondPhloxZinniasThe field across the road with a bunch of the Amish animals early in the morning.New addition this year - a ram!Patty kitty lazin' around
We got a new small digital camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-W830, and are amazed at all the functions and the quality of the pictures. Our last small digital camera was purchased ages ago and what leaps and bounds they have made since then. One new feature is a panoramic image so we did a little experimenting and came up with the first & second images, below. Rad, man! Hehe.
We had an exciting incident about a week ago. Anyone who has an autodrip coffee maker has probably experienced its sizzling and hissing as it is brewing. But last week, ours started to do that after the coffee had brewed and just kept going. So I got up to go look at it and saw that it was smoking! Our Mr. Coffee coffee maker was on fire, omagoonus! So we unplugged it and brought it outside. It is maybe 3 years old so I knew the warranty was passed and that they probably wouldn't do anything if I complained. But I thought I should at least let the company know what had happened. So I wrote a brief email stating what had happened and how much it scared us, the thought our house could have caught fire had we not been inside. What happened next was a complete and unexpected surprise.
They wrote back and apologized, asking for the model number and some other codes on the appliance, including a date code. I guess with that code, they can see when it was manufactured/purchased. We didn't have a receipt any more since we don't usually keep them after the warranty period. So I sent all the other information they asked for and then the next thing I knew there was an email with a receipt of confirmation for a brand new coffee maker, no charge. Wow, now that is service, something you don't see much of any more. Thank you, Mr. Coffee! P.S. We were asked to return the old one, using a prepaid label they sent us, so they could investigate what happened to the coffee maker.
May 18, 2015
More pics!
Here are a few more pics of the garden from yesterday. I also uploaded a cute video of Sailor, Joey Bear and Patty with X-treeeme closeups...
Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hi6YxZELakU&feature=youtu.be
(As usual, make sure to look at the captions underneath!)
This year's annual garden, with white alyssum, lobelia and red impatiens to make a red white and blue theme.Alyssum...Lobelia...And the impatiens!Lilac bushes which were grown from single twigs from the next bush which was barely a twig itself when it started out!This was once just a branch about 4-5' long after having been man handled by the county road crew. :PLily of the Valley which grow wild underneath the road lilac bush.I can never remember the name of these....uhmmm...oh yeah -- Forget Me Nots! ;)Little annual plant by the pond.

May 25, 2015
Happy Memorial Day
& National Wine Day!
Who knew there was a National Wine Day? In honor of that, we thought we'd share what our favorite wines are! My very favorite is from the Knapp Winery in the Finger Lakes and is called Superstition. It is a sweet red wine with a purple label and coincidentally has a black cat on it which is what attracted me in the first place! The winery has several resident cats who've made it onto their label! I love any place that loves cats! >'.'<
Mr. Snoopynut's fave was one he first tried when dining at the Olive Garden. It is by Porta Vita - Rosato, a semi-sweet blush wine. We also recommend wines by our very own Thousand Islands Winery if you are in the area! They have several very tasty ones; for example Alexandria Bay Rosé, which we both love! Happy National Wine Day!
And now for a blast from the past. I thought I'd post some pictures from our Roadside America trip which we took about eight years ago. That was one of our favorite trips of all time and we had no idea at the time what it would lead to. One of the places to see on our list was Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, Maine. We liked it so much we are now considering it as a place to retire to! (Gray, Maine, not the wildlife park...although that might be kind of fun!) We have looked here in New York for a couple of years and have decided it will just be too expensive to live here on a fixed income. When we started looking in Maine, we were wowed by not only the affordability of the very nice homes but the taxes are quite a bit lower than NY. (Who knew? LOL!) So, onward and upward!
Enjoy the RA pics along with a few miscellaneous from this past week...
World's Biggest Chocolate Moose in Scarborough, Maine. Yum!Snoopy & Paul Bunyan in Bangor, Maine. (Snoopy's on the base.)Snoopy getting eaten by a bear at the Maine Wildlife Park! Omagoonus!The fam at Santa's Village in NH.Our current strawberry patch. Looks like it's gonna be a good yield this year!Our first big fire after the burn ban.This is a crazy panoramic of the back yard one day last week as we were burning some wood and Mr. Snoopynut was walking in front of me. For some reason, the camera only picked up the logs he was carrying as he walked by! Spooky!

Ah, summer arrived overnight just around Memorial Day! Weee! Had a chance to go see the Snoopynut's dad in Florida which was a road trip this time. On the way down saw the sibs in Virginia and on the way back, some friends on the other side of Virginia. Also had the chance to eat at an excellent vegan restaurant called Bean Vegan Cuisine and would highly recommend it to vegans and meat eaters alike. Try it, you might like it! ;) We also decided to stay at a couple of nicer hotels this time. Thought we might avoid bedbugs. Lol. Hampton Inn and Hilton Hotels are fabulous so if you ever feel like splurging, we recommend them, too!
June 16, 2015
Since today isn't anything interesting, we wish you a
Happy Smile Power (Cookie!) Day (yesterday)
and a Happy Peanut Butter Cookie Day! (the 12th) Yum!
The Florida visit was nice. It was sad to see the place without my mom, though. Kinda hit me hard. But the trip was a nice chance to see family and a few good friends.
My Dad in 1954Dad in 1964My Mom in 1958Me and my Mom in 1964Mom & Dad Sept. 2001Lorraine, my BFF in high school, at graduation in 1980Me and Lorraine at our visit to FLThis pic was taken in 2012 when we met with my friend, Lesle. Forgot to get a pic this time around. Sorry, Les! :SBean Vegan Cuisine in Charlotte NCInside of Bean Vegan Cuisine in Charlotte NC
So...back at the ranch....things are going swimmingly. :) We are finally able to do some nice day trips doing things we love like a grand day out in the mountains! Here are some pictures from a trip to the Adirondack Interpretive Center in Newcomb, one of the prettiest parts of the Adirondacks, imho!

As stated in a previous post, we are having a bumper crop of berries this year! Woot! I think we have had these plants for about three seasons now and this is the best they have ever produced. So if you plan to plant a strawberry plant, be patient; it may take more than one season to produce good-sized and plentiful berries! Anyone within the sound...er, view? of this post - friends, neighbors - come on by and take a batch! Just give us a holler to let us know you're coming by. :)
June 18, 2015
Snoopynut.com is declaring this
The Year of the Strawberry!
Yesterday I made some home made biscuits, (like the pie crust, it is SO much easier than you think!) and we had a strawberry shortcake parfait for dessert. Forgot to take a pic, sorry! The recipe for the biscuits is in the pictures below. P.S. You can use any type of shortening for this recipe. I used Earth Balance. Happy baking!

In case you wonder why we use the phrase "Grand Day Out", it comes from a Wallace & Gromit movie of the same name. :) And in keeping with our motto here, we did something we loved yesterday! Actually a few things we love! The Mr. had one day off sandwiched between shifts so as per usual, we waited until the last minute to decide what to do. :) Our choice was to make a trip to the Glenora Winery a couple of hours south in Dundee, NY. The reason? We just bought tickets to an outdoor concert there featuring one of the Snoopynut's favorite jazz musicians, internationally renowned trumpeter Cindy Bradley, a native of New York state and Ithaca College alumni. We had never been to this Finger Lakes winery and wanted to scope the place out before we attended the event.
June 20, 2015
The Grand Day Out
Since we were going there, we looked it up online to get an exact address and saw that the winery also has a restaurant so our plan was to be there for lunch. And oh my goodness, what a nice place! The restaurant reminded us of Bonnie Castle in the 1000 Islands which is where we used to go for our special dinners like our anniversary and as it turned out, they also have a couple of vegan lunch options which Bonnie Castle didn't have! To anyone who isn't vegan or vegatarian, it is tough to find a nice restaurant with options for us because most places assume 'vegetarian' means 'pasta'. Well, most vegans don't eat pasta all the time. In fact, we rarely do, so this was a very nice treat! After having our meal, (the Mr. had a pita falafel sandwich with home made waffle chips and I had the tempeh banh mi and we shared a plate of home made sweet potato fries), we decided this is going to be our go-to place for our anniversary now. FAN-tastic!
After checking it out, visiting the winery itself and the gift shop and picking up a few things, we headed back home, stopping at an indoor flea market on the way home. We had been to this flea market before but since it is so far away from where we live, (the winery is about a 2 hour drive), it had been a long time. Turns out they have expanded and sort of cleared out the place so it isn't as cluttered, therefore making perusing a much nicer experience. We got a lot of excellent doodads all for $14!
Wine bottle tree!View from inside the restaurant.Wine glass charmsThis is a soy candle sold there that I just fell in love with the scent. It is called vanilla oak and is just heavenly.
An Avon bunny and tiny cute smiling bunny; an Opus graduation plush, (eBay find); an M&M nightlight for the MIL; a xylophone for a friend; a hand fan for me; 5 CDs (for a buck apiece!); Charlie & the Chocolate Factory book; and an old person big-buttoned calculator for old person me. LOL!

We are overrun with strawberries! OMS!! Strawberry shortcakes, strawberry and peanut butter sandwiches and now Strawberry Banana Smoothies! Not that I'm complaining, mind you. :) Here's a recipe I found, where else? The internet! :D
June 25, 2015

2 medium ripe bananas, chopped
2 cups strawberries
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup milk, any kind (we use Silk)
Place oatmeal in blender and on the shred/crumb setting, blend until a fine flour. Remove flour and set aside. Place bananas, strawberries, then the flour into the blender. Pour milk over top and blend until smooth, occasionally stopping to scrape sides, if necessary.
Makes two smoothies. If you only want one, the second can be refrigerated for the next day. Other berries can also be added/substituted. Yummy, very filling, and nutritious breaskfast!